Google gemini 1.0 – google’s steps into the ai game!

With the avalanche of artificial intelligence in this advancing world, every tech giant is moving towards the race for leveraging AI to its fullest extent. And to join this race, we now have Google Gemini, Google’s very own general model. Google Gemini has entered the market to give a tough neck to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. 


The war for the AI game has now begun. 


But let’s have a look at what is Google Gemini. How is it different from other AI general models, and how is it planning to invite an AI-backed revolution to this advancing world? 


About Google Gemini:

The news of Google launching its most advanced language model – Google Gemini, is all over the atlas. With Google Gemini becoming the flag-bearer of the new “AI” world, Google is hardcore over the fact of building language models that go beyond the traditional interpretation of software. 


Google Gemini has been developed in such a manner that it can easily operate and generously understand information through text, video, code, and audio – making it significantly different from other language models. 


It has also been germinated to work on large-scale data centers, as well as on convenient devices like mobile phones. The Gemini 1.0 has been made in three different sizes: 

- Gemini Ultra – The most developed version for the most underdeveloped and complex task 


- Gemini Pro – The convenient one for wide-scale tasks, which will be used to power certain Google AI services. 


- Gemini Nano – For the on-device and offline tasks. 


The AI Superhero: 

Google Gemini has been developed keeping in mind various simple philosophies of the way people understand and communicate with each other. Be it a simple audio interpretation, which can be a child’s play or a convoluted mathematical or scientific subject of reasoning, Google Gemini can do it all. 


Usually, certain models of language models are trained for their proper functionality. 


But Google went a step further. 


The Google Gemini has been pre-trained as per the standard method, but it has even been fine-tuned further with other multimodal data to enrich its effectiveness.  


Not only that. 


The Large Language Model (LLM), the model through which these budding AIs can have a human-like conversation, has a set of benchmarks persisting in its operations. On this, Google Gemini has the power to exceed 30 out of these 32 benchmarks. 


The Google Gemini Ultra has kept humans at par for its Massive Multitask Language Understanding. This means that the AI model uses a combination of a whopping 57 subjects to test the world knowledge and its problem-solving capabilities. 


Well done, Google. 


Will Google AI 1.o really outperform? 

Yes, the world is keeping its eyes on how Google Gemini is paving its way in the AI world. Google has already made it convenient for Bard users to access Google Gemini, and the Google Pixel Phones are also ready to have a taste of certain Gemini AI features as well. 


So, let’s hold back and twiddle our thumbs until Google Gemini improves itself for this AI race. 



What is Google Gemini? 

Google Gemini is the most recent LLM that has been powered towards multimodality across image, video, audio, and code. 


Can I use Google Gemini now? 

The Google Pixel 8 Pro features services featuring Gemini Nano, and to enable Gemini on your WhatsApp, you need to enable AiCore in the Developer Options in Settings.