Sandhya Branding Delivering Strategies in the Yagnam Foods Style

Yagnam Foods has been boosting the health game for energy enthusiasts with products like Natural Peanut Butter and organic Ghee. They entered the market with an enthusiasm to mark a flag for fitness freaks and engage in a health-conscious experience with their savory flavors.

This is where they tuned to Sandhya Branding Agency to build a solid and catchy social media strategy that serves a dual purpose - brand awareness and brand highlight.

Our enthusiastic, creative minds tuned into some solid ideas that capture the attention of Gen Z and the Millennials while striving for an approach that enhances the brand's presence on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.



We managed to create an engaging content strategy that smoothly creates an impact and also blends with the trends.

Where each post has been curated with a target of engaging the audience with its contemporary designs and brand-based communication copy. 

Our posts became a source of creative outputs that served a balance of creative concepts and brand enhancement for Yagnam’s social media platforms.


With our zest for creativity, we managed to reach a 2.3K audience organically on Facebook and 24.8 K on Instagram with our creative, unique, and engaging social media strategy. The 4081 followers on Instagram are proof of an organic mass that has been stunned by our approach.



1.  Why does a brand need an effective social media strategy?

Planning a social media strategy is essential for brands to reach and engage their target audience effectively. It helps in building brand awareness and loyalty, driving website traffic and conversions, and staying ahead of competitors. Without a strategic approach, a brand's social media efforts may lack consistency and effectiveness and fail to meet its marketing objectives.


2. What is the role of a branding agency in planning a strategy for social media?

A branding agency's pivotal role in social media strategy planning includes researching, devising a thorough strategy, crafting compelling content, overseeing community engagement, analysing outcomes, and supervising advertising campaigns.